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Meeting Forum

Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesian is an organization formed to accomodate Indonesian Maritime Ambassadors in implementing self-actualization as well as contributing in Indonesian maritime sectors. Regeneration is needed by Putera Puteri Maririm Indonesia to fulfill sustainable values in the organization. In 2019, Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesia will hold Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesia - Meeting Forum 2019 to discuss the continuation of the organization through the great assembly. There are several important agendas which will be discussed on this meeting as follows:


  • Recitation of the assembly orders by the Formator,

  • The selection of assembly presidium,

  • Recitation and Discussion towards previous Committee's responsibility report,

  • Recitation and Discussion of Statutes/Bylaws (AD/ART),

  • The general assembly of Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesia's Committee selection PPMI-MC is expected to be able in triggering Indonesian Maritime Ambassadors to contribute through organization mechanism and creating superior programs to support Indonesia as a maritime country.

Leadership Camp

PPMI  consists of youth with different cultural backgrounds, ethnics and religions. This becomes the own strength of PPMI in giving the overall change towards Indonesian maritime sector. Since it was established in 2016, PPMI has been educating and providing trainings to 200 Indonesian Maritime Ambassadors who come from various provinces to commit in giving a real contribution. Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesia realizes that providing more trainings towards Indonesian Maritime Ambassadors espesically on leadership values as the main foundation of the agent of change is necessary. In 2019, Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesia - Leadership Camp 2019 will be held. This will unite Indonesian Maritime Ambassadors to obtain leadership training and education through character building training, management skills, and organizational development.




Formed in 2016, Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesia is a community  focuses on maritime aspect to support Indonesia as a strong, advanced, independent maritime country with reliable human resources. Bringing mission to carry out strategic role as an agent of change  in the field of  maritime affairs, maritime industry, and maritime tourism who contributes for national  maritime development. On the other hand Putera Puteri Maritim Indonesia has a function as an education platform to increase youth awareness & knowledge on maritime issues.

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